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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kindergarten bound...

Today I signed my first born, sweet baby girl, princess of barbies, fun spirited, funny Melody up for kindergarten..Where did the time go?! 4 1/2 years of wonderful blessings...She makes us laugh and cry and pushes me to my mental limit..She truely is a gift. I am super excited for her to go to school. She mostly excited to ride the buss, not sure when I will let her?!
Does anyone remember this tiny baby???

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Welcome Home Daddy !!

The last day before spring break I picked up Melody from pre-school and this is how our conversation went...
she asked me, "Where are we going for vacation? South Padre Island or Disney Land?"
I said , "We aren't going anywhere."
Melody responded, " Well, can we have a party?"
I said, "OK what kind of party?"
Melody thought for a second and said.." A welcome home party for daddy."
I said, " Welcome home from where?"
Melody was very sure of herself and said, " A welcome home from work party!"

I thought, well why the heck not? Josh works very hard, gets up before the crack...why not have a surprise party. So Melody came up with the dinner plan...spaghetti and cupcakes. She had to keep the secret for a most a whole week. During that time she colored MANY pictures of princess to decorate the house with.

Thanks to our friends the Ihm's,Scarr's, Werley's, Ruby and half of the Demaree's :)
When Josh walked in the door, Melody was suppose to say, "Welcome Home" but as soon as her friends got here, she disappeared out side. So Josh walked through the door and was like...Uhh whats up?
He had a great time. He thought it was very sweet...The only problem was I forgot to take a picture of him..oops
We just love him and appreciate him for all he does for our family!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Let's Play

Our church has a mom's playgroup. We went to Jump land for an outing.The kids loved it!


Human Hamster

We went to "Taste of Collin County" a few weeks ago. They have a lot restaurants that show case their food plus a little entertainment. Tony Romo was supposed to be there, guess Jessica Simpson was in town, cuz he stood us up. Anyway, it was a fun way to eat lots of different things and see what restaurants we want to try. I ate waaaay to know that uncomfortable feeling...Well they had this human hamster ball thing. Melody wanted to take it for a drive. It looked like alot of fun!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

If Melody Had A Blog Spot

Here is what u would see ...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No picture day

Some days she just doesn't want to her picture taken!